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Monday, December 20, 2004
God's design

Too many people here in Canada does not believe in God, and I do not mean only Canadians. They are just simply material people running for money all their lives. Also when they do not become as rich as Bill Gates, they just complain about the country, the system, the other people around them, and bla bla!!! It is true that who works very hard and smart like Hakim gets better things than others. But, also is true that God send him through that path because we can see many people whom are hard and smart workers as him but they do not even get the half of benefits as Hakim does.

You could ask why you do not get better life as others that you think they do not deserve it or simply why not you?? The possible answer is that not everybody can be rich, or doctor or lawyer because we need factory workers, secretaries, cleaners, etc, etc, in order to have a normal world.

Do not kill yourself with greedy dreams, just work and enjoy the life with faith that God's design is the right one for you.

By the way if you do not believe in God or even in luck and say that everybody makes his own destiny!!! So, lets pick you and ten people around you that are hard and smart workers and see if you guys become at least as rich as Hakim is.

by Arvid Amin

"Merry Christmas"

Click and enjoy the card!
click inside then click over each deer!

by Arvid Amin

Monday, December 13, 2004
Oooohhh long time no see you guys! I know, I'm not a good blogger. Let face it like that: a good blogger is who, first, updates her/his blog often. Is who spends part of his life in cyber. So, we're not deserved to be blogger!
I, Personally, had to many things to say, but there wasn't any motivation to write them down. As you know, we built here to find friend, practice English and waste time. It seems that there was different ways for wasting time, better than blogging!
by Shahrokh

Sunday, October 31, 2004